This page displays the latest developments in my career and my research. Information about earlier work is available in my CV and in my list of publications and conference papers.

Publications in progress

I am revising five papers for resubmission and will provide further details if/when they are accepted for publication. I am also completing a book manuscript for publication in 2017/8. There's lots in the pipeline!

"Money talks" project on gendered electoral financing

I am a co-investigator of a large project, funded by the Norwegian Research Council and led by Ragnhild Muriaas at the University of Bergen. The project explores the gendered impact of electoral financing rules in the UK, France, Malawi, Ghana and Kenya. I am the UK lead and am also a member of the team studying France. I will be working full-time on the project and conducting fieldwork in the latter half of 2017.

New Publications

I have recently published an article in Parliamentary Affairs entitled The Political Representation of Ethnic Minority Women in France. I also recently published a paper in Politics & Gender entitled What Makes a Good Politician? Reassessing the Criteria Used for Political Recruitment. Details of all my publications are available here.

ECPR Joint Sessions workshop on male over-representation

With Elin Bjarnegård of Uppsala University, I directed a workshop at the 2015 Joint Sessions of the European Consortium of Political Research. The workshop focused on male over-representation, including its causes and consequences, theoretical perspectives and empirical research. More details and all of the papers are available here. Elin and I were delighted with the scope and the quality of the papers. Together we have launched a new network on Men and Politics. Please don't hesitate to contact me if you would like to know more about the network.

European Conference on Politics and Gender

I presented two papers at the European Conference on Politics and Gender (ECPG) at Uppsala in June 2015. The first looked at the political representation of men's interests. The second used parliamentary questions to gauge whether male and female politicians focus on different policy areas, and the extent to which this is due to gender stereotyping. I was also the discussant for a panel on gendered cabinet appointments.

Election blog

I wrote a series of blogposts for The Conversation about women in the 2015 UK general election, available here.

Article on "Quotas for Men" published in the American Political Science Review

I am delighted to announce that my article, entitled "Quotas for Men? Reframing Gender Quotas as a Means of Improving Representation for All", has been published online in vol. 108, issue 3 of the American Political Science Review. The full paper is available here. I am now working on grant proposals to develop the many research agendas arising from this paper.

Visiting Fellowship at the London School of Economics

I have been appointed to a Visiting Fellowship at the LSE for the academic year 2014-15. I have enjoyed working with Anne Phillips and being a commissioner for the Gender, Inequality and Power Commission.

Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts

I have become a Fellow of the RSA (by invitation) and hope to work with them in taking my research to a wider audience.