This page displays the latest developments in my career and my research. Information about earlier work is available in my CV and in my list of publications and conference papers.

New publications

I have co-edited a Critical Perspectives section of the journal Politics & Gender, looking at the Critical Overrepresentation of Men. My co-editor, Elin Bjarnegård, has also co-authored the introduction and one of the essays with me. The special issue is scheduled for publication later in 2018 (issue 14 vol.2). I also have a forthcoming article in the Journal of Women, Politics and Policy (39(3), 2018) entitled "Explaining Gender Gaps in Legislative Committees", co-authored with Réjane Sénac. I have numerous further publications in the pipeline and will provide updates here in due course. Details of all my publications already in press are available here.

"Money talks" project on gendered electoral financing

I am a co-investigator of a large project, funded by the Norwegian Research Council and led by Ragnhild Muriaas at the University of Bergen. The project explores the gendered impact of electoral financing rules in the UK, France, Malawi, Ghana and Kenya. I am the UK lead and am looking at the barriers (financial and other) that are faced by candidates seeking election to parliament. I am co-editing a book with Muriaas and Vibeke Wang looking at gendered electoral financing; we will be presenting the chapters at a workshop in Paris in June 2018. I am also presenting my findings on gendered barriers to office as part of a panel at APSA 2018; we intend to publish the papers from this panel as a special issue. We have other works in the pipeline and will then be seeking further funding for the next stages of the project.

Upcoming events

I'll be presenting my work at the Universities of Manchester and Sussex (May 2018), at two separate workshops in Paris (June 2018), and at the annual meeting of the American Political Science Association (Aug/Sep 2018).

Blog posts

I contribute regularly to various blogs on topical issues relating to my research. Recent examples include a piece on the PSA blog looking at why Westminster is still a rich man's world; a piece for International Politics and Society asking whether women represent women; a piece for The Conversation looking at the sexual harassment scandal in Westminster; a piece for The UK in a Changing Europe comparing the outcomes of the French and UK elections in 2017; and a piece for the PSA Parliaments Group looking at the new French parliament.